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F.A.D Furnished Apartments Dallas has been dedicated to offering furnished apartments and corporate housing in Dallas Texas.

For any of your corporate housing needs, our company is here to offer short-term and long-term furnished apartments that can meet your guaranteed satisfaction.

We are a firm believer that you need not to settle with a rigid and sterile environment that is the usual scenario at hotels.

The impressive thing about the apartments and housing options is that these come along with the best facilities.

You can also be most assured of the maximum convenience and comfort throughout the stay with any of the furnished apartments.


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Whether you will be transferring to Dallas permanently or temporarily, our company can serve as the best place to find the top residential neighborhoods.

We can become your main solution for a productive and comfortable Dallas stay.

Since the furnished apartments are located and appointed in the exclusive areas of Dallas,

our corporate housing will simply please you and leave you guaranteed the most.

Your stay in Dallas will simply be a comfortable and enriching experience, so far.

With twenty-four hour guest services, housekeeping and utilities, you will simply find our

furnished apartments and corporate housing incomparable.

These also come along with comfort and incomparable service.  

Visiting Dallas for a corporate meeting or other significant meeting will never be a dull and boring experience.

This is especially because of the exceptional experience brought by a one-week or two-week or month to month stay in any of the chosen furnished apartments.

From the luxury community in store for you, you can just get that unique lifestyle that you have been aiming for.

You can also step into such a designed home that can meet your desire and your preference.

The residences are focused entirely on leisure, design and sophistication that leave you amazed.

Such a comforting and lavish living experience will be offered to you and will leave you fulfilled.

Just as location means everything, being conveniently located in a furnished apartment

to give you peace of mind and comfort will mean of everything.

The unparalleled amenities, the spacious floor plans and the lights will be the beginning of an enjoyable and exciting stay in any of the furnished apartments and corporate housing.

If you want to experience an urban living experience in Dallas, trust F.A.D Furnished Apartments Dallas to provide uncompromising service and quality.

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